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South San Diego Pipeline No. 2

This project includes planning, design, and construction assistance for 11 miles of 54-inch through 30-inch diameter welded steel potable water piping. Dexter Wilson Engineering, Inc. was a key member of the project team which included a civil engineer/surveyor, geotechnical consultant, environmental consultant, and construction manager. Dexter Wilson Engineering, Inc. was primarily responsible for hydraulic capacity studies, preparation of contract documents and technical specifications, design of steel pipe and special pipe details and connections, review of shop drawings, and coordination of construction sequencing.

Looking south on Dennery Road in San Diego, the contractor is lowering a 40-foot section of 42-inch cement-lined, tape-coated, and mortar-overcoat steel pipeline. Work in an existing roadway required care to avoid existing utilities. Typical cover over the pipe is five feet.