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Poinsettia Sewage Lift Station

This project involved the design of a new pump station with a initial capacity of 850 gpm and an ultimate design capacity of 1,700 gpm. Planning and pre-design studies as well as final engineering drawings and specifications were prepared by Dexter Wilson Engineering, Inc.

Dexter Wilson Engineering, Inc. also provided as-needed engineering services pertaining to the bidding and construction phase of the Poinsettia Sewage Lift Station project. These tasks included responding to questions and/or clarifications during bidding; review of submittals; responding to requests for information from the Contractor; attending pre-construction meetings; attending project progress meeting; assisting in observing operational test for the facility; and completing as-built drawings.

Views of Poinsettia Sewage Lift Station looking west. The Pump and Control Building is in the foreground. The Chemical Feed and Emergency Generator Building is in the background.